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Steven Davies

West Midlands based Web Application Developer

Desktop, Mobile or web services.
C#, Python, PHP, Objective C (IPhone), HTML, Javascript... the world :-)

My condensed life

RT @OnePlus_UK: Fancy winning the hottest smartphone of the year? ➡ #OnePlus3
2016-09-09 16:11:34
@PJacksonLives Hiya, do you know anything about duty/tax charges for importing your prints into the UK? Looking at buying two :-)
2016-08-29 19:58:09
@knowhowtohelp I'm afraid its quite lengthy, way too long for twitter but happy to send it through electronically
2016-08-24 09:43:33
@curryspcworld Whats the best postal address to send a complaint about a washing machine installation to?
2016-08-23 20:00:26
@SuperfastTF Hiya I sent an email via your web form about 2 weeks ago and tweeted over a week ago, no response? :-(
2016-08-09 09:31:31
@SuperfastTF in phase1 living in St georges, cabinet taking orders but we can't as line may be too long. Gutted ☹ can anything be done?
2016-07-29 18:34:45
RT @richardajkeys: He's only gone and done it again!
2016-06-28 11:18:57
RT @paddypower: #GER are 1 up and look good in attack. All looking pretty rosy, Joachim. Go ahead. Treat yo self.
2016-06-28 11:17:21
@ClearScore Ahh that would be it then :-) I didn't realise this was a thing. Thanks for your reply.
2016-06-27 13:01:14
@ClearScore Experian and Noddle show my mortgage, but ClearScore doesn't? Whats up with that?
2016-06-27 11:53:02