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About Me


  • am a 28 year old web developer, primary using C#
  • develop projects in C#, PHP and Objective C (IPhone) amongst others
  • currently work for Pebble Learning with a bunch of crazy people
  • live in Shropshire with my girlfriend and a bunch of friends 
  • love everything web based, cycling and photography
  • took inspiration for this website design from a talented interface designer

What's nullable.type?

nullable.type has been designed with simplicity in mind. I'm normally busy working on other projects, so I needed a website that was easy to maintain and update.

Now powered by python on my raspberry pi! The current version is implemented using .Net 4.0 and is written in C#. It has some clever things going on underneath such as ORM (Object relational mapping) provided by nhibernate, MVC and IoC (Inversion of control) based upon Castle Windsor StructureMap.

Data for the site is stored in MySQL. The interface is plugged together with jQuery to make it look prettier.

The main page is supplied via Twitter, but is cached locally using my own 'TwitterCache' tool which I may release when I find the time. This runs periodically as a separate thread to not impact upon page loads.

Phew! That was a mouth full :-) 

More Info

I Look like this:



I maintain a more formal CV, if you're into that kind of thing Smile

If you'd like to get in touch with me, you can contact me via steven[at] .